Hockey is a dangerous sport and injuries do occur often. It is important that you and your team know what to do when an emergency occurs.

Each player is responsible for their own and others safety.

Prior to participating in any game:

  • Know your teams Emergency Activation Plan.
  • Identify who on your team is trained in first aid.
  • Get fit to play and do NOT use hockey for exercise.
    • See Dr. Reid's Presentation on Coronary Risk Factors and Patterns of Physical Activity in Adult Male Recreational Hockey Players.
  • Share any health concerns or risks to your team.
  • Know the address of the arena you are playing.
  • Check the Arena Equipment and Protocol link for facility specific details and note the closest AED.


  1. Have someone retrieve the closest AED
  2. Have a second person Call 9-1-1;
  3. Have another person contact arena staff; and
  4. Follow instructions from 911 & AED until EMS arrives.


WRAHL offers basic insurance coverage for its players: